March 20th, 2015
"The DeJoie Project"


Moraine's newest is available!
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Lovers of the best offerings from the RIO, classic fusion, prog rock, avant garde, progressive jazz, free jazz and Eastern music genres will all find plenty to sink their teeth into here -- but that only starts to penetrate the surface of this delectable amalgamation! All of the band's components -- leader/guitarist Rea; violinist, Alicia DeJoie; sax/flutist, James DeJoie; bassist Kevin Millard, and; the band's newest addition, seasoned veteran drummer Tom Zgonc -- are in peak form, playing in highly-inspired fashion, on this very special outing. Groundswell is one of the most ambitious, far-reaching albums from the progressive genre this year. This is "brave new fusion" ... as it's title might infer, this one is destined to leave a mark!

Update:  CD release party Dec. 14th at the Columbia City Theater!!
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Find David Gaines' Baritone Saxophone Concerto featuring me
with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra here!

"I really enjoyed listening to your baritone saxophone concerto...
In particular, I enjoyed the orchestration of your second movement and the lyricism that
you accentuated with the baritone saxophone...this is a side of the
instrument that isn't explored frequently...."
-- Noah Getz, concert saxophonist, musician-in-residence at American University

Rik Wright's "Fundamental Forces" newest CD "Red" is available!
Check it out here: REDAlso available from "Fundamental Forces":  BLUE

"...I try to give a true and varied expression to my musical thoughts. In so doing, I try to express ideas as they happen...
I would be mistaken to think that an artistic expression is simply a matter of a certain technique. It is the realm of the heart where musical thought is rich in variety and where artistic expressions are possible."
-Yusef Lateef