Coming soon! Moraine's long-awaited new CD for MoonJune Records, 'Groundswell' 

"Moraine's most recent metamorphosis highlights their recurring theme of unbridled invention -- undeterred by convention and delivered convincingly, with abandon! Brushing all preconception aside, Dennis Rea and company courageously initiate proceedings from a place to which most modern progressive bands can only dream of ascending. Featuring a host of engaging new originals as well as pieces written for the band by composers Daniel Barry and Jon Davis, Groundswell is certain to cement the band’s standing as a singular voice like no other in the modern progressive jazz-rock continuum."

Find David Gaines' Baritone Saxophone Concerto featuring me
with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra here!

"I really enjoyed listening to your baritone saxophone concerto...
In particular, I enjoyed the orchestration of your second movement and the lyricism that
you accentuated with the baritone saxophone...this is a side of the
instrument that isn't explored frequently...."
-- Noah Getz, concert saxophonist, musician-in-residence at American University

Rik Wright's "Fundamental Forces" newest CD "Red" is available!
Check it out here: RED

Also available from "Fundamental Forces":  BLUE

"...I try to give a true and varied expression to my musical thoughts. In so doing, I try to express ideas as they happen...
I would be mistaken to think that an artistic expression is simply a matter of a certain technique. It is the realm of the heart where musical thought is rich in variety and where artistic expressions are possible."
-Yusef Lateef